Development is the point at which the emerging needs of your club and members meets an opportunity for change. Soccer Development Strategies will assist you with planning and implementing these alterations and changes.

This encompasses development of:




Aspects of Planning


The process of evaluation provides a concise snap shot of every element of the club environment. Soccer Development Strategies will utilize SWOT analysis, focus groups and surveys in order to gauge the prevailing state of your club. This includes organization, structure, planning, programming, coaching and player development.  


Club Development = player development

Education and information allows for examining of existing and successful models of club structure, organization, programming, planning, role, responsibility and function of volunteer boards, the role and function of volunteer as well as paid professional coaches or coaching directors.    


Services: Evaluation, Education, Development

"The Pleasanton RAGE has had the distinction of being a top rated, nationally recognized girls soccer program, however our board of directors felt we needed a fresh and experienced perspective not only regarding the health of our own club but also in relation to the changing face of youth soccer today. Dave Simeone's depth of experience and his knowledge of the national and international scope of soccer, combined with timely and in depth analysis, enabled us to initiate changes that would help us to continue to serve the needs of our members, players, parents and community by building and maintaining a top notch competitive club." 

John Cligny

Vice President RAGE Soccer